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SDR Software is your premier source for application programming. Specializing in point of sale integration and end user experience, SDR Software is able to build customized solutions to match your business needs. We understand that your business depends on our software working seamlessly. That is why all of our technical support is handled directly by the developers. There is no outsourcing with SDR Software.
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Shop Management Software for Automotive Repair & Retail Tire Shops
RepairWriter is the flagship program of SDR Software. With 15 years as an industry leader, RepairWriter has proven effective at providing shops like yours with a competitive advantage in the demanding auto repair industry. This software has the ability to support complete shop management, including electronic parts ordering, catalog integration, accounting integration, multiple locations & much more. RepairWriter is an excellent solution for your growing demands.

Vehicle Inspection Software
SDR Vehicle Inspections is a comprehensive app designed to maximize your return on the inspection process. Technicians can access multiple points of inspection information to accurately communicate results to customers. Simply implementing this app will increase opportunities to sell parts and service recommendations. Additional built in features include: pre-set & customizable inspections, photo capture, emailing, 2-way texting of inspection findings and reports branded with your shops' logo. The features are designed to support both immediate and recurring sales numbers. The SDR Vehicle Inspections app is flexible to run as stand-alone software or to have seamless integration into the Repair Writer shop management system.


RepairWriter 5

Size 49.2 MB

RepairWriter 4.5

Size 185 MB

RepairWriter 4

Size 149 MB

RepairWriter 3

Size 63.1 MB


Version 1.1.33
Size 2.29 MB

SQL Server
Management Studio

Version 18.5.1
Size 534 MB

SQL Express 2019

Version 15 (x64)
Size 6.08 MB

SQL Express 2017

Version 14 (x64)
Size 4.85 MB

SQL Express 2016

Version 13 (x64)
Size 300 MB

SQL Express 2014

Version 12 (x64)
Size 833 MB

SQL Express 2014

Version 12 (x86)
Size 840 MB

ASP.Net Core
Hosting Bundle

Version 3.1.5
Size 61.6 MB